Dowlais ironworks, 1840

In 1759, the first pints of Guinness were poured and the first Wedgwood pots were made – and the Dowlais ironworks opened.

From this tiny ironworks on a Welsh hillside, GKN was built into a world leader. Over 250 years, it has changed shape and direction many times, but has always maintained its place at the forefront of engineering.

GKN was there when iron gave birth to the railway boom in the early-1800s, and when steel superseded iron in the 1860s. After the First World War, GKN moved into the 20th century’s greatest new industry – automotive. Later in the century, GKN took to the skies at the forefront of the aerospace industry.

GKN has spread its wings geographically, too. As the balance of economic growth has shifted, from Britain in the 18th and early-19th centuries to America, Western Europe and Japan in the 20th and on to the emerging powers of Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, GKN has moved with it. Today, GKN is a truly global corporate citizen – with a remarkable history.